Pikes Peak Road Runners
Trails and Open Space Coalition

Colorado Springs, Colorado

                           American Discovery Trail Marathon                         

                                 Colorado Springs, CO                                
                                  September 7th, 2015                                

                              Boston Marathon Qualifiers                             

The following runners qualified for the Boston Maraton
at the American Discovery Trail Marathon.  Congratulations
to all.  Have a great time in Boston.

The course certification number for the American Discovery
Trail Marathon is CO-05030-DP.

Name                        Age  Sex  Time  Qualifying Time  City                 ST
Mario Macias                 33   M   2:29:23    3:05:00     Boulder              CO 
Hamilton Joel                30   M   2:39:22    3:05:00     Golden               CO 
Gary Krugger                 30   M   2:47:32    3:05:00     Flagstaff            AZ 
 Jess Draskau Petersson      37   F   2:49:21    3:40:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
Alexander Harris             25   M   2:52:33    3:05:00     Estes Park           CO 
Marc Waxman                  43   M   2:59:22    3:15:00     Denver               CO 
David Proffitt               22   M   3:03:32    3:05:00     Maryville            TN 
Nathan Hunt                  40   M   3:05:43    3:15:00     Fort Collins         CO 
Hayley Benson                33   F   3:08:01    3:35:00     Littleton            CO 
Shawn Benson                 40   M   3:08:02    3:15:00     Littleton            CO 
Dean Hall                    45   M   3:09:10    3:25:00     Pueblo               CO 
Gerald Romero                44   M   3:13:31    3:15:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
George Dunn                  56   M   3:16:58    3:40:00     Austin               TX 
Rich Dissly                  50   M   3:18:05    3:30:00     Boulder              CO 
Neil Blake                   50   M   3:25:35    3:30:00     Rio Rancho           NM 
Sandra L Currie              46   F   3:27:49    3:55:00     Highlands Ranch      CO 
Crystal Goecker              36   F   3:28:56    3:40:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
Amy Batson                   32   F   3:28:57    3:35:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
Richard L Park               62   M   3:43:29    3:55:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
John Courtney                67   M   3:49:00    4:10:00     Colorado Springs     CO 
Dave M Diaz                  67   M   4:05:44    4:10:00     Pueblo               CO 

Total Qualifiers: 21


The following runners have possibly qualified for the Boston Marathon.
If the runner's next birthday occurs prior to or on the date of the
next Boston Marathon, then the runner has qualified using the qualifying
time in the next age group.  That is, the runner will be in a new age
group on the date of the next Boston Marathon, and have qualified
using the new age group.  Way to go!  It really does pay to grow older.

Name                        Age  Sex  Time  Qualifying Time  City                 ST
Paul Lottridge               49   M   3:30:00    3:30:00     Golden               CO 

Total Possible Qualifiers (in next age group): 1

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