Pikes Peak Road Runners

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Results by Age Group

          2007 Our Great Race Family Mile - 01M
                America The Beautiful Park
                   Colorado Springs, CO
                   September 22nd, 2007

Weather: A light cloud cover with temps in the uppers 50s.

Course: Out and back course along the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail.  The
        "out" portion heads south, going just slightly downhill.  The
        "back" portion heads back north, going just slightly uphill.

If you have any questions about the results, please send an e-mail to
Dave Sorenson at DavidSorenson@msn.com

If you have other questions about the race, please contact the race
director, Patricia Lockhart, at patlockhart@worldnet.att.net

                     Male Finishers

Place   Pos/Div    Name                    Age   City            State    Time
   1      1/1      Max Keller                5   Colo Springs       CO   0:15:39

                    Female Finishers

Place   Pos/Div    Name                    Age   City            State    Time
   1      1/1      Rio Davies                9   Peyton             CO   0:10:38
   2      1/2      Skylar Evans              7   Colo Springs       CO   0:12:19
   3      1/2      Taylor Norman             6   Colo Springs       CO   0:14:14
   4      2/2      Anna Keller               8   Colo Springs       CO   0:14:14
   5      1/1      Kelly Salling-Davies     50   Peyton             CO   0:14:18
   6      1/1      Amy Keller               37   Colo Springs       CO   0:15:41

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