Our Great Race

It's birthday time for the PPRR. You can run and eat your cake too!

General Information

The Great Race is cancelled for 2014 and beyond.

Please, no dogs or baby strollers allowed on the course. Please do not trespass onto private property. Per PPRR race rules, headphones, i-pods, or MP3 players may not be used during the race.  Those not in compliance will be disqualified.

Entry Fees (no shirt)

Race Day Registration:

Free - PPRR Member
New members welcome


Lead of the Pack, Middle of the Pack, and End of the Pack for both male and female.

Event History

Our Great Race originated in 2005 as a celebration of the PPRR's 30th birthday. It was small, but everybody knew everybody else. Lyn Hale made a birthday cake. Jim Beckenhaupt found a new calling as a race announcer and emcee. Pat Lockhart came up with a new award scheme, giving awards to the LOTP, MOTP, and EOTP for both male and female. These equate to Lead Of The Pack, Middle Of The Pack, and End Of The Pack.

Originally intended as a one-time event, the club decided to continue the event, because you can never celebrate too many birthdays and chow down on too many birthday cakes.



Course Information

The course is flat and on well-groomed dirt trails for about 2 miles and on cement sidewalks for about 1 mile. The elevation is slightly above 6000 feet. See the course route below.


South Monument Valley Park (near Bijou Street)
Park near West View Place & Boulder Crescent Street
From I-25, take the Bijou Exit (Exit 142)

  • At end of exit ramp, turn east ( going away from the mountains , towards downtown ).
  • The road makes an "S" turn, and you'll be on Kiowa Street
  • Turn left at Cascade Ave
  • Turn left at Bijou Street and immediately move over to the rightmost lane.
  • Turn right at West View Place
  • Park on West View Place or the next street to the north which is Boulder Crescent Street.
    Most of the parking spots have meters, but there are a few that don't have a meter.
  • The staging area is about 100 yards to the northwest of the nearest parking.
    Walk towards the mountains, keep your eyes right and you can't miss it.

Max and Amy Keller finish the family one mile.

Jeffrey Jury competes in the 5K.

more information from RRCA on the policy Following guidelines from the Road Runners of Clubs of America (RRCA), Pikes Peak Road Runners discourages and in most cases, does not allow use of headphones in its races. The rationale for this is simple: the majority of our races are held on trails, which are crowded with many other runners (and sometimes other trail users). Maintaining one’s sensory capacity during such situations is paramount for the safety of all participants.