Fall Series 2016 @ 10:30 AM faceboook

Get dirty, get wet, get muddy, it's pure cross country running!

Race Director

Tonia Smith

Race Dates

General Information

The Fall Series is a series of four races in four different city and county parks. The courses are run on trails that range from well-maintained to very rocky with exposed tree roots. And if there is water in the park, you will get wet. The emphasis is on cross country running, using the trails and obstacles that are offered at each race venue. The courses are challenging, and sometimes a bit crazy, but the atmosphere is filled with smiles and fun. By design, these are not your ordinary 5K or 10K races.

Team Competition (male, female, coed)

Male/Female Team Requirements:

  • Each team must have at least 3 members.
  • Top 3 runner times are used for scoring

 Coed Team Requirements:

  •  Each team must have at least 3 members.
  • Top 3 runner times are used for scoring, one of which must be of the opposite sex.


If you run all four races, you will receive a special award and will be eligible for age group and overall awards. If you run one, two or three races, you will get a specially designed t-shirt. There are no awards for the individual races.

  • Overall - Top 10 male
  • Overall - Top 5 female
  • Age Groups - Top 3 (male and female)
  • Teams - Top 3 (male, female, coed)

Age Groups -- 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+

The race is chip timed.  All scoring is based on chip time.

No duplicate awards.  That is, overall award winners are not eligible for age group awards.  Team members are eligible for individual awards.

CSPD/Community Service: will be asked to patrol for illegally parked vehicles at all venues.

Event History

This event has been around since 1979.

Larry Miller has been the race director for a couple of decades.  His enthusiasm for laying out challenging cross country courses has never wavered, and he always has something new up his sleeve.  The running community is certain that Larry lays awake at night thinking of new twists for the Fall Series courses.  There have been hay bale jumps, fence climbing, culvert tunnels and more.  And because of all of this, we all have a treasure chest full of Fall Series war stories to pass along.  Thank you, Larry!

In 2016, Larry has handed over the race director reins to Tonia Smith. We all know that Tonia will continue in Larry's footsteps and offer unique and challenging Fall Series courses.

Runnin' up the creek.
It can be up to calf deep in places.

Bear Creek Park
Rope climb -- Don't let go.

Rugged trails and hills in Ute Valley Park.

Palmer Park Trails.




Course Information

Note: Based upon the race director's whim, the courses change slightly each year, so there are no permanent course maps.

Race 2 - Monument Valley Park
Wear Old Shoes


This course is fairly tame by Fall Series standards until the last mile. The beginning miles are on grass and well-maintained dirt trails with a couple of short hills thrown in. With about 1 mile to go, the course enters Monument Creek and runners must run up the middle of Monument Creek for about 3/4 mile. Once exiting the creek, your shoes will be filled with about 5 pounds of sand and creek muck, which you get to drag along the last 1/4 mile to the finish. Wear old shoes that you are ready to throw out, because you will want to throw them out once you've finished. Also bring a pair of clean socks and another pair of shoes to change into after the race.

Race 1 - Bear Creek Park

This course is run on the Regional Trail in Bear Creek Park and some smaller trails in the park. Most of the trails are in pretty good shape, although it can be soft and loose in places. There is some good climbing in this course (several hundred feet) and the race director always finds a way to maximize the uphills. The signature part of this course is a 30 foot rope climb up a steep embankment near the end of the course. The embankment is about 75 degrees. Runners must go up the embankment by pulling themselves up on a rope. It sounds really tough, but we haven't lost anybody yet, and most runners are smiling during this part of the race.

Race 4 - Ute Valley Park

The trails in Ute Valley Park are up and down and up and down and up and down. You are not gaining or losing a significant amount of altitude, but you are always either climbing or descending. Add in loose gravel, rocks, exposed tree roots, sharp downhill turns, and you have the most technical course of the Fall Series. Most injuries occur on this course, mainly of the sprained ankle variety, but sometimes more serious. But just keep your eye on the trail and you'll be fine. Some years the weather has been wintry from early winter storms. If there is any moisture, the course can get fairly muddy.

Race 3 - Palmer Park

The race director usually manages to work in 3 major climbs and descents on the trails in Palmer Park. In places the trail conditions are again covered with loose rock, exposed tree roots and tricky footing. Thus the eyes need to be glued to the trail again. Most years the weather is cold and there have been a couple of years with snow covered trails, which makes it that much harder to see all the obstructions in the trail.

North Monument Valley Park Directions - Race 2
W Fontanero Street & Culebra Place, Colorado Springs, CO

From I-25, take the Uintah Exit (Exit 143)

  • At end of exit ramp, turn east (away from the mountains).
  • Turn left at Cascade Ave.
  • Turn left at Fontanero St
  • Turn left at Culebra Place.
  • Staging area is the large grassy area south of the restroom and ball field.

Bear Creek Park Directions - Race 1
S 21st Street & Argus Blvd
  • From I-25, take the Cimarron Exit (exit 141)
  • At end of exit ramp, turn left (west), towards the mountains
  • Proceed to 21st Street and turn left onto 21st Street
  • Proceed to Argus Blvd, and turn right.
  • Take the next right into Bear Creek Park

Ute Valley Park Directions - Race 4
Staged from Eagleview Middle School
1325 Vindicator Drive
  • From southbound I-25
    • Take the Woodmen Exit (Exit 148)
    • Head west on Woodmen (towards the mountains)
    • Continue west on Rockrimmon
    • Turn right at Vindicator
    • Follow Vindicator up the hill and turn left into Eagleview Middle School
    • The staging area is the track
  • From northbound I-25
    • Take the Rockrimmon Exit (Exit 147)
    • Head north on Mark Dabling
    • Turn left onto Rockrimmon
    • Follow Rockrimmon up the hill
    • Turn left at Vindicator
    • Follow Vindicator up the hill and turn left into Eagleview Middle School
    • The staging area is the track

Palmer Park Directions - Race 3
N Academy Blvd & Maizeland Road
  • From southbound I-25
    • Take the Garden of the Gods Exit (Exit 146)
    • Head east (away from the mountains) on Garden of the Gods Road
    • After you cross Nevada Ave, the road name changes to Austin Bluffs Parkway
    • Proceed on Austin Bluffs Parkway to N Academy Blvd
    • Turn right onto N Academy Blvd
    • Proceed to Maizeland Road
    • Turn right onto Maizeland Road
    • Take the next right into Palmer Park.  The staging area is west of the bathrooms.
  • From northbound I-25
    • Take the Uintah Exit (Exit 144)
    • Head east (away from the mountains) on Uintah
    • Turn slight left at Palmer Park Blvd (you'll be heading NE)
    • At Union Blvd, turn slight right and stay on Palmer Park Blvd
    • Turn left at N Academy Blvd
    • Turn left at Maizeland Road
    • Take the next right into Palmer Park. The staging area is west of the bathrooms.


more information from RRCA on the policy Following guidelines from the Road Runners of Clubs of America (RRCA), Pikes Peak Road Runners discourages and in most cases, does not allow use of headphones in its races. The rationale for this is simple: the majority of our races are held on trails, which are crowded with many other runners (and sometimes other trail users). Maintaining one’s sensory capacity during such situations is paramount for the safety of all participants.