Winter Series, Race #3 (5M and 10M), will be moving to its former location at Baptist Road Trailhead-Santa Fe Trail. The trail coming out of El Pomar Sports Park was flooded out and will not be repaired in time for the race.

Winter Series III Trail & Parking Info

  • Trail Conditions: The trail was plowed on Wednesday (Feb 10) afternoon. All 10 miles of the course were plowed. With two more days of sunshine and warm temps, that will help to dry out the trail for the Saturday race, but there will probably be sloppy areas.
  • Parking: Parking will be a challenge. Please carpool, and plan on arriving a good 30 minutes before you normally would arrive to account for parking. The Baptist Road northbound exit from I-25 can get backed up with all of the arriving traffic. There are also commercial businesses (Home Depot, Wal-Mart, King Soopers) about 1/2 - 3/4 mile away (east of I-25), thus perhaps meet your running buddies there, and then drive one vehicle to the race venue (west of I-25).

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